Montrose Beautification Committee Questionnaire


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    Please choose one:
    I am a Montrose business ownerI am a Montrose residentI am both

    What is your greatest concern for the hamlet of Montrose?

    If there was one thing you could fix tomorrow to make the town look or function better, what would it be?

    Do you feel that most of the businesses along Albany Post Road, or “Main Street”, are easily accessible?
    By foot?By car?

    Do you feel that your neighbors keep their property well maintained? (Please explain)

    Who do you think could benefit the most from the improvements in the town such as outdoor dining tables, pocket parks, sidewalks, etc.?
    Senior citizens/retireesTeenagersParents with childrenBusiness ownersEveryone

    What other beautification projects would you like to see accomplished in Montrose?