Charles McGuire

Charles B. McGuire

Charles B. McGuire

Kings Ferry Road Gazebo
6 Kings Ferry Rd, Montrose, NY 10548

June 17, 1969: The day Charles B. McGuire’s world changed

Born on June 9, 1949 to Marion and William Mcguire, Charles was a graduate of the Hendrick Hudson School district in which he was an exemplary student achieving honor roll in the studies of Heating and Ventilating. Because of these studies, Charles, was able to obtain a job with The United Engineers at Indian Point where he worked until he entered the armed forces.

Charles completed 8 weeks of Specialist Crane and Shovel Operators course at Fort Leonard Wood , Missouri until his leave from California to Vietnam on April 13, 1970.

While serving in Vietnam, Charles, was attached to the 36 th Engineering Construction Battalion and achieved the rank of SP5. During his tour of duty, Charles received the following decorations, medals, commendations and campaign ribbons:

National Defense Service Medal – Established by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953. This medal is awarded to service members who are honorably discharged during a time of either war or conflict.

Vietnam Campaign Medal – This medal is awarded for two different periods of service in Vietnam. The first being from March 8, 1949 – July 20, 1954 and the second being from January 1, 1960 – the end of the Vietnam War.

2 Overseas Bars – These are accouterments on the United States Army Uniform

Vietnam Service Medal Sharpshooter M-16 – the Army Weapons Qualification Badge is issued to soldiers upon completion of a weapons qualification course.

Charles served is Country Honorably until his discharge on January 10, 1972

Charles and Gail were married shortly after his return and resided in Buchanan for over 20 years. Gail was instrumental with many aspects of Charles’s recovery from Vietnam, as they raised 3 children together Tana, Mandy , and Shaun, are the proud children of Charles. Through his example they hope to be the same pillars of the community as Charles.

( I would like to also take a moment to recognize Kathleen, who is by his side today and her
daughters, Devan and Shannon.)

Charles has been a voluntary member of the Cortlandt Engine Company for many Years. With dozens of calls in attendance and countless lives, pets and belonging saved. Charles has always been a huge supporter of every cause that his children and grandchildren, Nicholas and Olivia have ever supported. He has also been a tremendous supporter of those less fortunate in his community including but limiting to…patching roofs, fixing doors and many handy man jobs for those who could not do it for themselves or those who were taken advantage of. An avid hiker, odds are at some point you can cross paths with Charles in the woods and if you don’t catch him in the woods you can certainly find him cleaning a fire truck or two outside the Montrose Fire Department.

Charles B. McGuire, thank you for your service!